Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! Riverdale is truly a special place. We are a small district and a close community, and we work together to enrich our children’s education. Community volunteers and participants are critical for our schools’ success, through programs like art literacy and lunch service. And our fundraising translates into tangible benefits for our students: in recent years, the PTC has been responsible for upgrading both the HS and GS libraries, buying new vehicles, enhancing the playground, and providing grants for field trips, teacher trainings, and guest speakers. This year, we held our Annual Auction virtually, for the first time ever, and raised money to support both schools’ STEAM initiatives. We cannot wait to see how the teachers put these funds to good use for our kids.

Whether this is your first year or you are a long-standing member of this community, we are happy you are here! We look forward to returning to some in-person events and, if required, adjusting creatively to ensure the safety of our children and community as we continue to connect and keep our district strong and special.

With best wishes for an amazing year ahead,

Your Riverdale Parent Teacher Club

The Riverdale Parent Teacher Clubs at both schools strive to enrich our children’s education by enhancing curriculum and activities, encouraging parent involvement, supporting student participation, and fostering communication to strengthen our community.