The Riverdale Snowboard and Winter Sports Club is in the final steps of gathering forms from students and parent chaperones that would like to participate in this program.

We have recreational skiers and snowboarders of all levels as well as competitive snowboarders, free style skiers and ski racers. All levels are welcome!

This bus will start running the first week in January and end in early March (8 weeks). We will go up to Mt.Hood Meadows resort, leaving school at 3:00 every Wednesday and return to RHS at around 11pm. We will have 2-3 RHS parent chaperones on every trip. More parents are welcome if you’d like to come ride the mountain with your kid, we have room for you!

Meadows offers a $129 night time only lift ticket that would be perfect for this program. The more students we have participating the cheaper the bus fare will be for everyone. It will be a flat fee, no per trip fees allowed. We will know the bus cost when we have our final head count. Right now it is looking to be about $34.50 per person, per trip  (not including chaperones).

If you are interested this is what we need from you:

-If you did NOT do a fall sport we need a COMPLETE District Athletic packet filled out and turned in to Sam. You do not owe the $350 athletic fee.

– Fill out a Youth Boy Scout form, you and your parents sign it. 

-Adults wanting to chaperone, you need to fill out the Adult Boy scout form. We are required by the district and the state to have insurance and we are getting it through the Boy Scouts.

Leslie Mahler has all these forms and can meet you at school to help you fill out or can be sent home with your student. If interested please contact Leslie at to make arrangements. We need to get our numbers solidified soon so please don’t delay in contacting us!

Hope you join us!