Join us tomorrow (March 9)
at 7 p.m. in the Maverick Room for MavROCK,
 as RHS musical groups perform classic rock from the 1950s through today.

Plus, as an added bonus you’ll be able to view interactive displays from students in the Investigating Careers in Wellness class.

Each student has created a display board with an interactive component for viewers based on an article about something new and intriguing in medicine, health or wellness. One example is a spotlight on face transplants (pictured here), including a viewing box that lets attendees see their eyes with different face. Junior Gillian Styring says, “I saw a documentary, a few years ago, about a French woman who was bitten by a dog in 2005, and was captivated by the fact that when you transplant a face, the result is not the face of the recipient or the donor, but a mix of the two. That is very interesting.”