The past month has been packed with wonderful activities and events and we would love to thank all the special volunteers that made them happen.
  • Domnika Crainic and Daniel Crainic for sharing their wonderful home with a sold-out crowd for the Hipster Brewhaha party pack.  Thanks also to co-host families: Allen, Hung/Dominitz, Hurliman, Schwartz/Fabrycki, Somera, and Wilt.
  • Shari Andrews, room parents, and 6th and 7th grade families for organizing and providing Teacher Appreciation meals during conferences.
  • Parents, students, Boy Scouts, and co-chairs Emily Imperiale, Christi Somera, and Carrie Spurlock for organizing and running a fantastic carnival.  The kids are still talking about the great time they had and we could not have done it without the support of so many wonderful parents.
  • Kris Vanberg coordinated the Original Works fundraiser for the Art Literacy program.
Thank you all for your contributions!