The Riverdale Booster Club helps fundraise for and promote athletics and athletes at both Riverdale schools.  Revenue from concessions sales, Spirit Wear sales, home game admissions and Booster Club Memberships and Sponsorships help with the purchase of team uniforms, equipment and supplies, Athletic Trainer services and much, much more.  During this past summer, the Booster Club completed purchases of new first-aid kits for all coaches/teams; refinishing of the gym floors at both buildings; new lanyards for ALL District employees, coaches and subs; and brand-new soccer game balls for all Riverdale soccer teams.

Thank you to our inaugural donors, who are helping kick off the year:  Capobianco, Collins, Darby, Davison, Gingalewski, Gruner/Goss, Hebert, HydeH, Janke, LaFranchi/Fisher, McGowan, Moran, Novack, Nurse, OethingerM, Pereira, Quintos, Sawhney, Taylor-Johnson, Tolls, Wolfe/Frederickson-Baker, Wray.

Want to add your name to the list and support our athletic programs? Click here for information.