Seven RHS students selected for Young Historians Conference

Riverdale’s acceptance rate for this year’s Young Historians Conference established a new school record. Seven of the 10 students (from our Western Civilization class – a college course offered through Portland State University) who submitted historical research papers were selected to present at this annual PSU conference. And senior Dimitra Fellman won second place for her paper. “I couldn’t be more proud of our students’ curiosity, dedication, and tenacity,” says teacher Laura Keldorf. “This is the culmination of rigorous student research and writing and a powerful testament to college readiness.”

  • Gabriel Abdellatif (unable to attend conference)
  • Lilah Abrams – “Using ‘Evil’ to Combat ‘Evil:’ The Regulation of Prostitution in Renaissance Florence”
  • Noa Cohen – “The Aristotelian Influence on Rabbi Moses Malmonides’ ‘Guide of the Perplexed’”
  • Dimitra Fellman – “To what extent were the authors of 1 and 2 Maccabees and the people portrayed in these books influenced by Hellenism in the late 2nd century BCE?”
  • Benjamin Goldberg – “The Communist Manifesto: A Case Study in the Class Politics of Industrialization”
  • Becca Lumbantobing – “The Escalation of Human Sterilization in the 1900s”
  • Isabel Pereira – “Athenian Women Through the Eyes of Sophocles (But Not Oedipus)”