Paddle Raise 2020

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This year’s “The Roaring Twenties” throw back auction theme is the perfect way to spotlight the February 29 event’s Paddle Raise initiative:

Upgrade the Libraries!

The libraries at our schools are in need of some upgrades. Paddle Raise seeks to fund important initiatives both in the grade school and high school.

Funds raised for the grade school will be used towards

  • Replacing thousands of outdated and damaged books, using any extra funding to improve the library space
  • Hire a curator to evaluate the books and select appropriate additions for the collection
  • Add more of what students ask for and books that will supplement classroom study topics

Funds raised for the high school will be used towards

  • Flexible seating (adding casters to floor shelves, replacing bulky tables with modular furniture to easily reconfigure)
  • Laptop lab (redesigning single-use space to be a meeting space, classroom and lab)
  • Collaborative technology (presentation screen, interactive monitors)
  • Curated collection (culling and upgrading resources to be more relevant, timely)

For more information, click here. You don’t need to be present at the auction to support these efforts. Thanks for your consideration!

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