Compass USA, an international homestay organization, is welcoming a group of Chinese high school students to Portland this summer. They are currently seeking families who are interested in hosting a student from July 13-26. The program emphasizes the importance of cultural exchange for young people from all over the world and the organization seeks to provide a warm, welcoming environment for these students to experience while in Portland. This program is all about language and culture exchange and they encourage families in the Portland area to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hosting a visiting student is something than can build long-lasting bonds and open up a great big world to hosts and visitors. This program is not affiliated with Riverdale.

See attached flyer for descriptions of the students. See attached schedule of events for students, including organized lessons and outings, plus time spent with host families.

Any families that might be interested can contact, program coordinator Dan Fernhoff at OR (201) 390-9943 and he can provide detailed information regarding the program