Science Olympiad team takes third in state

After 15.5 hours at the state-level Science Olympiad competition at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Riverdale took home another third place trophy. Our 13 students collaborated in 23 knowledge, laboratory and building events covering all of the Next Generation Science Standards, going beyond the basics to teach students what it really means to be a scientist or engineer. Highlights included building bridges and protein models, labs in forensics and experimental design, and tests covering cell biology, fossils and disease. Since RHS joined Science Olympiad in 2011, the student-driven team has earned two second place and two third place trophies. Congratulations to team leader Brian Gentry and the team members for giving their all at the competition!

Young Historians Conference: Riverdale’s unprecedented achievement

Last week, teacher Laura Keldorf was notified that all five student-written historical research papers she submitted to the annual Young Historians Conference were accepted. No other school has ever had all of the student papers it submitted accepted. While this unprecedented event is cause for celebration alone, Ms. Keldorf also shared that the average jurors’ scores for Riverdale’s papers were the highest of all six competing schools. Seniors Cindy Abrams, Ellie Barany, Emma Komers, Matous Komers and Xander Klas will present their papers at the April 28 conference.