RGS families have two options for back to school supplies:

Buy a customized pack online or shop on your own from the list linked below. Feel free to contact the PTC School Supply Chair, Erin Moone, with any questions.

Please note, in addition to the items in the online pack or listed on the grade-specific supply list, each student needs to also bring:

  • 1 pair of over the ear headphones with standard cord
  • 1 backpack (or binder depending on grade)
  • 1 pair of shoes suitable for PE
  • (7th/8th grades only) 1 graphing calculator **TI-84 calculator recommended**


School supply packs are customized by RGS teachers. They especially enjoy the continuity in supplies offered. The purchased packs will be shipped and delivered to your student’s classroom before school begins.

To order online:

  • Go to www.educationalproducts.com/shoppacks
  • Enter our school code: RIV125
  • Order deadline is June 13, 2017.
  • Supplies will be delivered before school starts in August.
  • Please print & keep your confirmation as your receipt.

For questions, contact Erin Moone. Get it off your to do list; buy back to school supplies before summer! Deadline is June 13th.

Client Login code: RIV125

Order Now

Option #2: BUY YOUR OWN

The RGS Back to School supply list is now updated for next year! Print out the list and go shopping.
Supply List