The Riverdale PTC (PTC) has a zero-tolerance policy for physical/sexual or verbal harassment, intimidation, cyberbullying and menacing.  The PTC has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.  The PTC adopts the Riverdale School Board policies GBN/JBA (sexual harassment), GBNA (Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying/Menacing Staff) and GBNAA (cyberbullying) and all related AR procedures.  
All Riverdale PTC volunteers (volunteers), PTC employees (employees), PTC contractors (contractors), and PTC event attendees (event attendees) agree to conduct themselves in a professional, respectful manner at all times.  The PTC strictly prohibits verbal or sexual harassment of students, other volunteers or school employees.   All PTC volunteers, employees, contractors and event attendees are responsible for following the policies and procedures of the Riverdale School Board.  
In the event of a complaint, the investigator shall be the PTC President, or the President’s designee.  The investigator shall be a neutral party having not been a part of or witness to the incident(s) causing the complaint. The PTC reserves the right to terminate any employee, contractor or volunteer for violation of the above referenced Riverdale School Board Policies. The PTC reserves the right to prohibit attendance at some or all PTC events in the event of a code of conduct violation by an event attendee.