Riverdale High School Senior Grad After-Party 2022

Congratulations All!

Please review this permission slip with your student and complete by May 31, 2022.

Student Name(Required)

I give my student permission to attend the all night graduation party after commencement on June 7, 2022. I understand my student will be on a bus and at a venue disclosed after departure from Lewis & Clark at approx  8:30PM June 7th until approx 4:30AM June 8th. I understand there is a ZERO tolerance policy to violations of:

  • the RHS code of conduct
  • attempts to leave the venue
  • possession or use of alcohol/recreational drugs

There will be 4 Riverdale parent chaperones in attendance, and they have the final decision for what behavior is deemed appropriate. Students are expected to be polite to chaperones and respect their decisions.

Pick up by Parent/Guardian:

I will pick up my student at 4:30AM on Wednesday, June 8th (student will text when 30 min away from RHS). By clicking yes I give my consent for them to attend this trip, and I understand that my student MUST have a ride home. NO graduates will be allowed to drive themselves home after the party. This is non-negotiable and will be enforced.

Pick up by Parent/Guardian Yes/No(Required)
If another adult is able to drive my student home please enter their name here:

Review and Acceptance of Conditions:

I have reviewed the following with my student and take responsibility for ensuring they board the bus with-

  • Comfortable athletic clothing and a sweatshirt/rain jacket changed into at the Lewis & Clark venue (there will be no time to go home and change)
  • Their phone
  • An understanding that they will be held accountable to the Riverdale Code of Conduct and you will be called to collect them at any hour if they are in violation of it.
Review/Acceptance Yes/No 1(Required)

I have reviewed the following with my student and take responsibility for ensuring they board the bus withOUT-

  • Electronics other than phone
  • Knives or sharp objects
  • Alcohol/Drugs
  • An understanding that YOU will check with them about these banned items PRIOR to boarding the bus, and you both understand that they will be held accountable for violation of this rule and removed immediately with a call to you to pick them up if contraband is discovered.
Review/Acceptance Yes/No 2(Required)

Contact Information

Please enter your name and share the number to text you their location, before arrival home, and in case of emergency:

Please specify here any prescription meds or conditions that the chaperones should be aware of to support your student. Please ensure chaperones get any medications with necessary instructions prior to boarding the bus.

My name entered here serves as my signature and acceptance.