9 to 10:30 am in the RHS Gym Lobby

How to Help Our Sons and Daughters
Be More Fully Themselves

Parenting provides many challenges. Please join the PTC and Adolescent expert and professional counselor Yshai Boussi to learn more about: 

How do we help boys step out of the gender straight jacket that says:

“You are superior to girls”, “sadness and fear are weak” or “instead of taking responsibility, just blame others, withdraw or say you were ‘just joking around'”.

Recent data on girls found that between the ages of 8 and 14, their self reported confidence drops by 30%. While many girls are receiving messages like you can do and be anything, they’re also internalizing messages of “be perfect” and “do more”.

Anxiety, depression and suicide keep going up and up for both boys and girls. We as parents and as a community need to continue to reflect and learn about how to change these disturbing trends.

During this workshop Yshai Boussi will answer some of these questions and we’ll discuss how we can all better address the needs of both boys and girls.

Topics included in the talk include:

        • Current data and trends regarding the state or our boys and girls.
        • Why both boys and girls need specific types of ongoing support to help them be their best selves.
        • Why boys, in some ways, need it even more.
        • New ways to think about and address social media for girls and gaming for boys.
        • Practical strategies and tools to help your son or daughter be happier and well rounded.
All of this will be done in an upbeat, safe and supportive space.

The PTC sponsors several parent coffees with speakers who are experts in various aspects of parenting teens throughout the school year. We hope you can join us for this fun and important morning.


Yshai Boussi is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has been working with youth and families for 20 years. He is the founder of Portland Family Counseling, a therapy practice that specializes in helping children,  adolescents, families and parents. His experience includes mentoring at risk youth, working in residential treatment facilities and leading intensive experiential workshops for at risk youth. As a systems trained family therapist since 2003, Yshai has worked extensively in community mental health settings as well as private practice. In addition to working professionally, Yshai also has personal experience as a foster parent and all of the blessings and challenges that come with that important role.

Yshai is also a popular speaker and trainer, providing informative, fun and inspiring workshops for adolescents, parents, teachers, therapists and others who want to improve their ability to connect with and help those lovable young people who bring so much joy and intensity to our lives. 

Learn more about Yshai and check out lots of free articles and tips for parents with adolescents.