Watch our high school librarian, Sarah Hansen, give a message about improvements made possible thanks to generous donors to the 2020 Paddle Raise!

To support student inquiry and transform the Riverdale High School library into a Learning Commons, the library needed to update its physical space. The 2020 Auction Paddle Raise brought in $42,500 for the HS. The funds raised were used to provide: 

  • Flexible seating (adding casters to floor shelves and replacing bulky furniture with modular furniture for easy reconfiguration)
  • Laptop lab (redesigning single-use space to be a meeting space, classroom and lab)
  • Collaborative technology (presentation screen, interactive monitors)
  • Curated collection (culling and upgrading resources to be more relevant, timely)
  • The space is flexible enough that the tables are set up now to allow for social distance during LIPI

Thank you to all who donated to last year’s paddle raise!

The 2021 Paddle Raise at the upcoming auction on April 10 will support STEAM improvements: science, tech, engineering, art and math.