OOOOOOOO it’s so cold out! We enjoyed the snow, if only for a brief moment and I hope you did too! With a break in the outdoor play, we are starting a few vegetables this week that can be planted out while it’s still cold (ish). Cold weather crops like lettuce, mizunas, mustards, and scallions can be started now in a south facing window or preferably with a grow light and a little extra heat from a growing mat, with the intention of growing them inside until the soil temperature is dependably above 35 degrees.

Kale, turnips, arugula, all kinds of other greens and broccoli are crops that do fine uncovered outside after a mild frost (30 to 32 degrees) and with protection during extremely cold weather (below 30). Give it a shot! As long as the plants have more than 9 hours a day of sunlight, they will start growing slowly.

Michelle Greissinger