Hi community!  We have had a lot of questions about the garden program for the last few months, so I wanted to reach out to everyone about the garden’s status and plans for the future.  At this point and for this year, because of many different factors including budget, COVID restrictions, and other much larger and more pressing priorities, the in-person garden program has been on a temporary hold.  While on hold, I have been working in the background in collaboration with acting principal Jen MacDonald on plans, curriculum, grant writing, and other administrative efforts, getting ready for the time when attention can be focused back on our garden classes and programs. We have some work to do to get there, but when it’s possible, I will update the community immediately and look for the support we need to restore a healthy and vibrant program.

Thank you so much for your continued interest, and have a healthy, happy and safe end of the school year.

Michelle Greissinger
RGS Garden Coordinator