This week, after working to recover the neighborhood after nature’s messy pruning job leftover from the ice storm, it’s time to human-prune fruit trees and woody shrubs.  Even If you’ve never pruned before, it’s easily learned from videos— Oregon State University’s Extension Service has produced great education materials about a number of gardening methods—you just need sharp pruners and a willingness to learn. My kiddo has been helping me prune our orchard since he could walk, and it’s a fun spring tradition.  

Even the littles can get involved by picking up branch whips.  Larger sticks and small branches can quickly be made into a teepee, and smaller whips can be woven into a rudimentary basket or plate.  It’s also time to plant fruit before the trees and shrub buds grow too big— I am rushing to put my budding new blueberry plants in this week after looking at them this morning.  If you don’t have any fruit in your yard you should consider getting some— there are awesome growers all around the Willamette Valley.  

Feel free to email me with any questions, and happy beginning of fruit season!

With joy,

Michelle Greissinger – RGS Garden Program Coordinator and Educator