Riverdale 8th grader wins writing award 


Congratulations to Riverdale 8th grader Jordan M. for winning second place in the middle school category for the 2016 Sala Kryszek Art & Writing Competition.The competition encourages youth to evaluate history, foster an awareness of the Holocaust and broaden their minds in the areas of art, history, civics, sociology and literature.

Students were asked to create a piece of writing or a work of art around the following questions: How could the Holocaust happen in a country like Germany, a country with abundant education and people who achieved great advancements in science, art, music, literature and philosophy? Do you think that something like this still happens in the world today? What steps can you take now and in the future to offset these events from taking place?

All Riverdale 7th and 8th graders wrote poems plays, short stories, letters or essays, and approximately 50 percent of these students entered the contest.

In addition to attending an awards ceremony, Jordan’s winning poem, “Rot,” will be on display at the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education, located at 1953 NW Kearney St., from April 28-May 15.