Welcome to the new school year with a new lunch program!

Shelly Pascoe and Healthy Habits Catering will be providing lunch this year. Healthy Habits is doing this change on short notice, so the menu for the first three weeks will be limited to pizza, chicken strips, sandwiches, and salads, while things get up and running and they introduce themselves to the HS community.

Following the appropriate Covid safety protocols, lunches will need to be ordered two days ahead of time and will be individually bagged for students to pick up in the lunchroom.

You can order lunch at www.orgsonline.com. If you are new to lunch ordering, use 213RGSOROR for the school code. If you had an account at the Grade School, it is probably still active. If you are asked to prompt for a school, you can add Riverdale High School or choose Riverdale Grade School if you have students at both schools. Ordering from a HIGH SCHOOL menu (and not a grade school menu) is the most important piece.

If there are any questions, please contact Shelly Pascoe at shellypascoe@icloud.com (for menu or ingredient information) or Anita Scarlett at xagsx@hotmail.com (for ordering support).

Essential Lunch Volunteers are needed to help serve lunch at the High School at 12:15 pm (Wednesday at 12:00 pm).

Good Deed Code

Please fill out a Verified Volunteers form (required every 2 years): https://www.riverdaleschool.com/domain/201 and use the following “Good Deed Code:” 

Show proof of vaccination. Please email a copy of your vaccine card to the district office/ HR coordinator Tammie Wing at twing@riverdale.k12.or.us