Riverdale parents,
I hope everyone is healthy and appreciating the time with your family.  I have missed seeing all your children! I will be continuing Healthy Habits lunch program this next school year.  We will know more around the middle of August on how it will operate.

This is an update on the lunch program for RGS from last year. Your Orgs online account has a credit of ($75.00).  Payments made through Orgs online go directly into the bank for deposit; unfortunately, though, this means that Orgs online does not have a way to issue refunds from the site. We understand that our school closed early and have refunded ALL meal purchases for the closed days back to your Orgs online account; however, we also needed to add a fee (up to $50 and based on your usage of the lunch system) to cover the operating costs for the remainder of the school year, website and bank fees, personnel costs, and food that had already been purchased.  For those of you continuing at Riverdale next year, our preference would be for you to keep your balance on account and use it next year. If anyone is in need of a refund, please contact me at shellypascoe@icloud.com.

There have been several families inquiring about donating their balance which is very thoughtful in this time when there are so many in need. If this is something you would like to participate in, please email me at shellypascoe@icloud.com.  Options include covering the costs we incur when students forget their lunch, donating to a free and reduced lunch program at Riverdale for students needing food assistance, or donating to the Transition Projects.  Transition Projects have been recognized across the region for their work with veterans, women, people with disabilities, and other highly vulnerable groups.  They have been helping these people since 1969 to transition from being homeless to finding them homes as well as finding them homes and housing in between that transition.  At the end of this week, I will have provided 200 sack lunches to them so far.

Thank you for your understanding during this trying time.

I hope you all enjoy the summer and please stay safe.

Healthy Habits Catering