HS Volunteer Form

Welcome to another action packed, fun filled and fast paced school year at Riverdale High School! nParental involvement is an important part of the personal education your child receives as a nmember of the Riverdale community. We provide support for many events, activities, and neducational opportunities throughout the school year. As a part of this community, we would like neach of you to find a place to participate. Please consider your talents and find a place you can best fit nin. High school goes by so fast. Volunteer u2013 Make the Riverdale difference!


    If you can’t volunteer, please consider financial support for our PTC Programs. (We ask that you list your company so we can check for matching grants.)

    Please check all that apply.
  • Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions

  • Library - Assist Kate Loggan by helping out in our library, which we expect the library to grow to about 7,500 titles in the next few years. We have an automated catalog and an in-house computer lab for 25 students.Our goal for the library is to create a space that nurtures both inquiry and creativity, with a collection that supports the curriculum and student interests. College Room –Assist Jill Hall and Jennifer Field in hosting representatives of colleges and universities as they meet Riverdale Students. Organize information, update bulletin boards. Summer Planter Care – It’s a long hot summer and we need to make sure our PTC sponsored plants survive! If you are in town, volunteer to drop by and water. Green thumb not required at all – but would be helpful. We seem to have a knack for requiring frequent replacements. Photographer – There is so much going on at Riverdale, and so many directions to be covered. If you love photography, sign up to be on call for recording important Riverdale moments. Class Parent – Help bond the parents of your class by arranging volunteer opportunities, gettogethers, and reaching out to develop close connections in support of your kids. Riverdale Parents are exceptional – just like their students! This job helps everyone get to know each other so we can provide the extras that make Riverdale stand out from the crowd.
  • The hospitality provided by Riverdale Parents goes a long way to develop our community spirit. Among the opportunities to help out, you will find the following: • Beverages & Snacks for Staff • Hospitality for HS and District events as requested (Back to School Night, Open House, New Parent Welcome Night, Grade Level Information Nights, and District Art Show as examples.) • Develop the "telephone tree" to include all families in volunteer opportunities • PTC General Meetings • Sit down dinner once a trimester for teachers and staff
  • Our Communications Crew puts together the PTC weekly news online (Parent Pack), organizes the PTC website and keeps our bulletin boards up to date. Whether you use your creative talents in writing/editing, design, or in the school hallways, we need your help to keep the Riverdale parent community informed.
  • Free money for the PTC! What more could we ask for. If you have time to help out with distribution, check off the Scrip box. If you don’t, sign up for a recurring monthly contract. Whatever route you choose, EVERYONE should support Scrip.
  • Team Parent – Support the Coach by organizing communication, parent volunteers, concessions (if applicable) setup, and awards ceremony. Team Photographer – Volunteers to record the season’s highlights for publicity, bulletin boards, or yearbook use. Concessions Support – A great way to meet other Riverdale Parents – take a shift behind the counter while our Mavericks are on the playing field or court. Maverick Wear – Design our new line of Maverick Wear, and organize its distribution to all the Maverick fans. Sports Awards Night – Once a trimester, help out with end of the season celebration. Awards, cake, and friends. Publicity/Bulletin Boards – Keep our Maverick players up to date in the halls of the High School and Grade School. Keep the Grade School posted on upcoming sports events. Programs – Create the Programs for Soccer, Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Lacrosse. Use the template we have, or bring your design skills to the table. These programs advertise our sponsors, which are crucial to the support the Booster Club provides our athletes.
  • District Arts Night – Help plan and organize the Riverdale School District Arts night – bringing our Visual Arts and Music achievements together. Riverdale Players Support – Our annual musical production requires a team approach to support our director. List your talents, and look forward to another amazing display of Riverdale Talent.
  • Parent Volunteers - Academic Decathlon, Bridge Building, Mock Trial, Math Counts – and now Robotics. Riverdale is making a name for itself by topping the competition in academic challenges. Let us know which team you want to support with your talents. In the Riverdale spirit, if you don’t see something listed you feel belongs in the list – make it happen!
  • ANNUAL PTC PARTY This is our annual fundraiser, and provides us the ability to add the extras to the Riverdale Education. Co Chair – Works with a Grade School Chair to keep the Party organized and moving. Party Planning – Venue, Decorations, Invitations. Host Party Pack Party – Put together a Maverick Event to be sold through the Party Pack – a Riverdale Tradition. Sponsorship – Provide funding through your company’s sponsorship. Publicity & PR – Updates, Newspaper releases, Parent Pack notices. Set Up/Decorations – Show up the day of the party to pull all the plans together.
  • Help with the Job Shadow program for Riverdale Students. Parents volunteer to let kids come and learn about all types of career paths. In its second year, this new program provides important experience for students
  • Treasurer Support – Help out the PTC and Booster Treasurers when needed by being willing to run occasional errands, transport cash boxes, or help pull together budgets for events
  • Carpooling – Riverdale students come from many different parts of the Portland metro area. Help coordinate with parents who’d like to carpool and minimize driving. School van driver – We are looking for parents willing to drive the school van to the grade school to assist with a potential HS elective. Times: 10 – 11:30am, four days per week.
  • Families new to the area or new to the school have lots of questions. Help a new family by guiding them through the first year.