The March AND April Full Menu / monthly ordering forms are now available at Ordering will close on February 23. This is a double month because of the timing of spring break. 

As a reminder, there are two ways to order:

  1. The Full Menu / Monthly ordering route. On this menu, you order by day and can order the rotating hot entrée, other daily entrees, salads, sandwiches, fruits and vegetables, and a variety of add on items and beverages. Ordering is done on this menu during the prior month (so now for March and April). Ordering on this menu gives you access to all of Healthy Habits Catering items AND helps us keep our costs down. With soaring food prices and increased lunch volume at the GS and the HS, we’re encouraging you to order off this menu when possible.
  2. The Limited / Daily ordering route. On this menu, you also order by day, but the rotating hot menu item is not available. You can order up until the night before (at the GS) and up until two days out (at the HS). We encourage you to use this menu for last minute orders when needed. We may need to increase prices on this menu in the future in order to cover the increased food and labor costs associated with these orders.

*** For our High School families: Each day, there are extra smoothies, lattes, hot entrees, pizza slices, and other snacks and drinks available for purchase on site. Ordering off the online menus is still the fastest way to get your food and the only way to guarantee your selection, but we want to offer items for staff and students who just need more flexibility. These purchases must use a PIN. ***

As for payments: we ask that you settle your accounts once and only once per month. You incur fees AND we incur fees every time you pay. So, if you are ordering more than once per month, please don’t feel the need to pay every time. If you are ordering once per month, when you order is a good time to pay. Please be careful when you make your payments that you are using a valid payment method; we do need to charge a $25 fee for returned payments. If you have any questions about ordering, please let me know. If you have any questions about menu items or ingredients, please contact Shelly at

Order at School code is 213RGSOROR.