Over the next four months, our school lunch will include produce from local farms once or twice a month in an effort to spark conversations about Oregon agriculture and the nutrients found in vegetables.

This month, we’re featuring POTATOES! Rosemary Potato Jojos will be served on Wednesday, March 15 to all students who would like to try them, even if they have not ordered hot lunch. The potatoes are a special variety called Klamath Pearl. They are organic and grown by Chin Family Farms in the Klamath Basin. They’ll be roasted with olive oil (infused with rosemary from a neighbor’s garden) and sea salt.

IMPORTANT ALLERGY NOTICE: If you are concerned about food allergies or if your child is allergic to anything in this dish, please email with the subject line “Opt-out Harvest of the Month” to Jessica Green and Principal Tobin, who will make sure that your student does not eat the dish.