Are you struggling with your child’s screen time?  Please join us for a brief PTC general meeting at 8:45 followed by an informative session with speaker Kathy Masarie, MD on Wednesday, March 21st from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM.  Never before have parents faced the challenges they face today: a world of smart phones and social media, a culture filled with stress and media messages at odds with our values and what we want for our kids.  Come hear about how the “iGen” generation is suffering a mental health crisis, and how we can push back on screens, stressors, and focus on what matters most: authenticity, self worth, and compassionate connection within your family and those you care about.  Hear what we all can do to support today’s kids to be safe and to be resilient, empathic, connected, and healthy in their relationships.  Ingredients that lead to a future wholehearted life.