Our very own 7/8 math teacher Nancy Fowler’s husband Dave Fowler is coming to RGS on 1/30 at 9am in the Commons to help parents understand the complicated, fast moving and often dangerous world of social media. This is geared towards parents of 6-8 grade students but all are welcome. Currently Dave is working with the 7/8 Leadership Program to establish a “Digital Citizenship Pledge” for our middle school students.
Our format will be a general q&a session about digital awareness, internet safety and appropriate online behaviour for our kids. If a parent attends they can begin to explore the issues and areas of their specific concerns pertaining to appropriate online behavior and related digital and online issues that we all face as parents.
Here are some of the Dave’s articles he recommends for parents to read:
Internet acronyms every parent should know…..

Generation like….

A teenagers view on Social Media, written by an actual teen….