Middle School parents work together to provide social activities for 7th and 8th graders at Riverdale. Activities include the Friday Night Dancing School, a formal Winter Dance, and a year-end 8th Grade Brunch and Promotion celebration.  One fundraiser usually occurs to pay for the 8th grade class gift.


7th/8th Grade Parents,


October 7th, 2015, 7pm: Parent Information Meeting in the RGS Commons
November 6th, 2015:  Tentatively 7/8 Fall Dance
February 6th, 2016: Winter Formal Dinner & Dance
June 4th, 2016: Field Day Dance for 6th-8th Grades
June 5th, 2016: 8th Grade Promotion Brunch
June 8th, 2016:  8th Grade Clap Out
June 9th, 2016: 8th Grade Promotion & Party



Please pay the following fees by the dates listed below:


7th Grade:  Winter Formal Fee: $35    Please pay by November 15th

8th Grade:  Winter Formal Fee: $35    Please pay by November 15th

8th Grade:  Promotion Events Fee:  $165  Please pay by November 15th

**Financial Assistance is available through the PTC.  Please contact the District Office for information.


Promotion Brunch (8th only): $35/person (limit of 3 individuals including student):  Please pay by May 10th, CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Dance School (6th & 7th grade): Will notify in April:  Please pay by May 7th


If you have any questions about the fees or paying online, please contact Wanda Dawson (wdawson@republicservices.com).  Thanks!

A note about dances:  There are 3 dances for the middle school students throughout the year.  The Fall Dance, the Winter Formal, and the Field Day Dance.
The Fall Dance and the Field Day Dance are fun, casual dances run by the 7/8 Leadership Class, with a nominal entrance fee.  The Field Day Dance is for 6th-8th grades. The other two dances are only for 7th-8th.
The Winter Formal, usually held in February, is a more formal dance.  Boys wear coat and tie, girls wear dresses.  A dinner is served at someone’s home with the dance in the gym following. Parent volunteers are needed for this event.


For more information or if you’d like to help, please contact your 7/8 Activity Chairs: Nicole Grayson (8th) and Christina Summers (7th).