Senior parents work together to provide social and graduation-related activities and programs for the current graduating class.  Programs include fundraising, Prom, Senior Exhibition, Senior Awards Reception and the graduation party.  Every family will be asked to pay the Senior Activities Fee which covers most of the costs of these events and activities. The PTC provides financial assistance to any student needing it for12th-grade activities.

For more information or if you’d like to help, please contact Here is a summary of key senior class events that we are planning for the 2021-22 school year:

  • Riverdale High School Prom: Saturday May 7, 2022 
  • Riverdale Grade School Class of 2018 Reunion Brunch: TBD
  • Senior Exhibition : TBD
  • Senior Awards Reception & Assembly- TBD
  • HS Graduation – TBD
  • Graduation Car Parade – TBD
  • Graduation Party- TBD

Sign up to help here.

Senior Activity fees will be collected Spring 2022.


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RHS Senior Class Fundraiser–Kaady Cards

Dirty Car? Riverdale Class of 2022 is running a “waterless carwash” to raise funds to put towards graduation events and activities. Now offering both types of Kaady cards:  ADVANCED and ULTIMATE PROTECTION! Purchase a bundle of SIX Kaady ADVANCED cards for $45.00. One drive-up Advanced Wash at Kaady is $9.00, so you’re saving $1.50 per trip!

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RHS Back-to-School Night (Virtual)

Parents of all grades are invited to join us virtually for this opportunity to experience a snapshot of your student’s life at Riverdale High School and see what’s to come in the year ahead. Begin the evening by watching a short video from Mr. Flannery in first period, followed by a chance to visit your student’s classrooms and meet their

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RHS Senior Portraits

Senior portraits are due at the end of Winter Break. It is not mandatory that you provide a professional, studio shot. Some students have lovely photos taken by a family member or friend. Below are some examples of prior senior portraits. Please upload your photo to this link in hi-res .jpg or .jpeg format. For

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