(Revenue & Expenses are split between RGS & RHS)


Patron and Regular Tickets: $45,020

Sponsors: $10,500

Silent Auction: $20,888

Party Packs: $33,296 (this number will rise as more people sign up online for Party Packs)

Golden Ticket/Heads & Tails: $6,425

Live Auction: $43,850

Paddle Raise for Technology: $98,000

Total: $257,979.00


The Nines, Auctioneer, Band, Give Smart, Lighting A/V, Signage/Decor, etc: Approximately $50,000 (final expenses still coming in). Many, many hours spent by Professional Event Planner (Barbara Cohen), Professional Caterer (Torie Laurent), and Professional Accountant/Realtor/Saint (Laura Martin): Free


How the money will be used: The approximate $50,000 the grade school will receive (post expenses, split with high school, and before Paddle Raise money) will fund our teachers’ grants budget, social and academic enrichment and miscellaneous community events that are not self-funded.

The grade school half of the Paddle Raise for Technology (nearly $50,000) will be used to support the Technology Plan. The three prongs of the District’s plan are 1) Hire a Tech Guru to integrate technology into the curriculum; 2) Give financial and time support to the teachers for full training; and 3) Purchase hardware to support a 1:1 student:device program for grades 3-12. The Paddle Raise technology funds are in a “restricted” budget (only spent on technology) and accessed after a PTC Executive Board vote on a District grant request.

Want to join the PTC Executive Board?! You get to make decisions like the above. Oh, and you get to find lunch volunteers and help organize Carnival, Auction and Field Day…! If interested or want to volunteer for a less lofty position, check out a sample of volunteer positions HERE and contact Chrys Hutchings, Minnie Cooper or Christina Summers.