What is Auction?  Every year, the Riverdale Grade School and High School host a fundraising auction.  This is the PTC’s biggest fundraiser.  The format may vary year to year, but events typically include silent and/or live auction, a paddle raise and–of course–food, cocktails and FUN.

Why do we have an Auction? 
We have an auction to raise money to support Riverdale’s PTC.  The PTC funds and runs dozens of programs at the grade school and high school, including athletics, art literacy, field day, carnival, lunch, community school, Maverick Club, robotics, drama, guest speakers, teacher grants for technology and school supplies and much, much more.  The auction is the single largest source of revenue for the PTC; and as such, we depend on our community to show up and be part of this community event.
How can I be involved with the auction?  You can be involved in so many ways.  If you would like to donate a gift card for businesses/services valued at $50 or more, or you would like to donate a bottle of wine/spirits valued at $25 or more, please contact Allison Williams at allisonleodler@gmail.com.  If you would be interested to be a corporate sponsor of our event (there are great perks!), contact auction@riverdaleptc.org.  If you are interested in volunteering to help, please sign up here.  The most important way you can be involved with Auction is simply to join us on April 10th, invite some friends, and attend!

Are students involved with the auction?
  Auction is an adult-only event. However, in the past, students have been involved by contributing art pieces that were auctioned off in the silent or live auction.  Student music might be highlighted, as well as other student contributions.  After all, this is a fundraiser for our kids’ schools!
How can I attend the 2021 Auction?   This year the event will be virtual and FREE! More information is to come.  Dinner and wine packages will be offered.
What is a paddle raise?   Each year, our principals submit their wish lists and we ask our community to raise their paddles to support these needs.  Unlike other funds raised at auction, the money contributed by the community during the paddle raise is ear-marked for very specific requests.  The focus for this year’s paddle raise is to be determined.
What is a party pack?  Party Packs are another important PTC fundraiser.  These parties are hosted throughout the year by small groups of parents.  The hosts cover the costs of the party and all the proceeds from the ticket sales are donated back to the PTC.  Some are adult-only, some are kid-focused and some are fun for the whole family.  There is truly a party for everyone.  Parties are on hold for now, please stay tuned for updates.
Keep Up to Date on Social Media:  This year’s auction theme is “Unmasking the Possibilities”.  Check out the Riverdale PTC Auction Facebook and our Instagram for the most recent information.
What if I can’t go this year?  There will be many ways to participate in supporting Riverdale before and after April 10th.  Be sure to read your Parent Pack e-blasts and check out our social media for the latest updates.