Each year, our principals submit their wish list for a special purchase or specific need and we ask our community at auction night to raise their “paddles” to support their ask.  Unlike other funds raised at auction, the money contributed by the community during the paddle raise is ear-marked for this request. 

This year the PTC Paddle Raise goal is to provide much-needed technology hardware and A/V upgrades to ALL our classrooms across the district.

Our goal is to raise $86,000 — that’s $2,000 per classroom for both schools.  


The fundraising for this project will: 

  • Increase the reliability of network connectivity 
  • Replace outdated technology
  • Provide every classroom with wireless projectors
  • Equip classrooms with streaming devices allowing access to educational content 
  • Allow students and teachers to connect with one another seamlessly and easily
  • Set up our classrooms for the future

Paddle Raise Extended Until April 30

It’s Not too Late to Donate!

We have raised $76,000, just $10,000 short of our $86,000 goal to upgrade every classroom’s Audio/Visual capabilities — with everyone’s contribution big or small, we can ensure our kids and teachers have what they need to share, connect, and learn.  

Let’s set up our high school classrooms for the future and upgrade this much needed equipment.

Thank you to all who have donated so far!

The Paddle Raise donation campaign has been extended and will stay online through next Saturday, April 30.

Thank you to Lucas Spaulding  for creating the hilarious and fun Paddle Raise video for us this year!  If you haven’t watched it yet, please check it out.

Watch our Paddle Raise video here!