“Local Public Art” The students had the opportunity to create public art to be displayed in the school garden. They transformed a dull, concrete bench into this beautifully colored, tile creation.

Ask your child about the Tillikum Bridge, the sculptures on the Sellwood Bridge and the “Gallery Without Walls” in Lake Oswego. Your family can learn more about public art in the area by using the Apple App “Public Art PDX”.

The 8th graders created the design concepts for each face of the bench and the rest of the classes helped place tiles onto contact paper, which were then adhered to the bench by a parent volunteer. *Students may note changes in what they placed, as adjustments were made to ensure proper tile spacing and improved image recognition.

“RGS” and Garden Animals and Insects – 5th graders and 6th graders

Rainbow  – Mrs. Becker’s kindergarten class

“FALCONS ROCK” Cheer, with Flowers – Mrs. Wray’s kindergarten class

Fruit (banana, strawberry, orange and apple) – Mrs. Whitehill’s 3rd grade class

Vegetables (corn, eggplant, pea pod and carrot) – Mrs. Whitehill’s 3rd grade class

Roses – Ms. Howley’s XXX grade class

Pattern – Ms. Howley’s XXX grade class

Watermelon – Ms. Laskowski’s 3rd grade class

Flowers – Ms. Laskowski’s 3rd grade class

Flowers – 7th graders

Four Kids with Space Net and Swing – 7th graders

Half-circle Pattern – Mrs. McDonald’s 1st grade class

Rainbox Slither – Mrs. McDonald’s 1st grade class

Landscape (sun, hills, sky and tree) – Ms. Lessard’s 1st grade class

Runners, RGS Wings & Year ‘18 – Mrs. Hayes, Sager and Barron’s 2nd grade classes

Pattern – Ms. Hutchinson’s 4th grade class

Here is a link to the bench presentation which includes photographs and credits for each face of the bench.





We will be teaching kids about Contemporary Art.  We will not be doing an art project but rather we will help the kids feel more comfortable viewing Contemporary Art through activities and inquiry.